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Baking Reference
                                             Product details Baking is needed to reset the floor life of MSDs,to dealwith MSDs that the exposure time has exceeded the floor life in the ambient environment or even the MSDs that expose in the environment for only a short time. Bakingcan extend the storage time and ensure the quality safety. However, with the development of new style of chip encapsulation and mounting technics, the traditional high temperature baking shows baking shows its shortcomings.                Problems Caused by Traditional High Temperature Baking Some MSD reels and racks are not suitable for high temperature baking, and the efficiency would be  very low if baking after taking off the MSDs from the racks. Some MSD components and PCBs can not bear high temperature baking for a long time. For some other MSD components, if the temperature is higher, the damage caused to the components would be more serious, even though the components can bear the high temperature, there would still be potential thermal destruction and oxidation, or there would be inter metallic growth at the inner joint of the components, reducing solder ability.
Baking is only possible one time according to IPC, and the components must be processed at once after baking to avoid re-absorption of moisture. With the popularity of IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033C, people are taking more consideration on the the double functions of dry cabinets with ultra-low humidity and medium temperature baking. Our Super Dry medium temperature baking cabinets MSD Series install a 50 (Set from room temperature to 50 ) heater into our dry cabinets to acceralate the dehumidification. And if the MSD Series are used in all production processes, not only the defective products caused by thermal stress can be avoided, but also the process can be simplified and the production cost be reduced.
                                         Why Choose MSD Series? No need of pre-baking: To prevent the defective products. Mild baking: Cause no flaws to SMDs during dehumidification.