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Technical Specifications
CableEye® M3U System
Low Voltage Cable Tester
CableEye HVX High Voltage Test System
Hipot Tester
The CableEye High Voltage Cable Tester  permits expanded testing for insulation resistance and dielectric breakdown. After checking for opens, shorts, miswires, and resistance limits, the HVX hipot module will apply a user-selectable voltage from 10v to 1500v DC, or 10v to 1000v RMS AC, to each connection group in the cable. Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Dwell Time (same as Test Time), Trip Current, and Trip Delay (same as Soak Time) may be programmed for your specific requirements. Current leakage detected during the high voltage test phase provides a measure of insulation resistance up to One Gigohm, and any leakage current exceeding a preset limit reveals the presence of moisture, flux, or other contamination on exposed contacts.
This new high voltage test capability allows users to meet the industry-standard A620 guidelines for cable and wire harness testing. The system also produces archival-quality reports for each cable tested showing the test voltage, leakage current, and insulation resistance for each wire group, and clearly denotes PASS or FAIL at the top of the report.
With Model M3, you may set upper and lower resistance thresholds. For wire resistance, set the low threshold to as low as 0.3 Ω, and for isolation resistance, set the high threshold as high as 10 MΩ. Measure embedded resistors from 100 Ω to 999 kΩ with 1% accuracy, and with less accuracy from 0.5 Ω to 10 MΩ. Measure diodes and resistor/diode combinations, and automatically learn networks of diodes and resistors for comparison against electronic modules with similar networks. Expandable to over 2,500 test points by connecting expansion modules (Items 822 or 823, 128-points per module).